In the spirit of Fathers Day weekend, we're featuring another one of our favorite Dads to follow along with, Bradley Devine of Somewhere Devine. We chatted with him about the ups and downs of being a Dad and loved learning more about his sweet family. Thanks for joining us, Brad! 

What is your most memorable moment as a dad? 
The birth of each child! With an indescribable feeling, thats not only the most memorable moment as a Dad, but in my life.
What do your kids get away with when moms not around?  Staying up late watching shows.
What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?  Swimming, Bike rides, dance parties!

Any advice for a new dad? Or any advice you received when becoming a new dad that stuck with you?  You have one chance, do you best and soak it all in, time will goes by so fast.
What is your biggest hope for your kids?  A lot of things, but first I hope that they are truly happy and love one another. I hope that they will be strong and confident in themselves and in their values. Leaders, not followers. That they have a family of their own to feel the happiness that parenthood brings. And lastly that they each personally and individually nurture their faith in God.

What do your kids do that make you the proudest?  Lucy, when she loves her sister and shares her toys. Greta, with each growing achievement she makes, have It be a new word, dancing or overcoming a fear and showing bravery.
When did you know you were ready to be a dad?  I never knew, I only hoped! And every morning when I wake up, I still hope that I can be a good dad even when at times I feel as though I may have failed. It's a constant reminder to be a better dad.

What do your kids do that annoy you the most?  Screaming repetition!
What is the scariest part of being a dad?  Knowing that you are their dad and the honor/responsibility that title holds.
What is the funniest part of being a dad?  Dad jokes are acceptable. You can be more of a dork.
Did you always want to be a dad?  Yes, always.

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