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Meet Loren Brinton-- long time friend, film maker, and co-owner of Walker Family Goods. With Fathers Day on the horizon, we chatted with Loren about Fatherhood and loved hearing his sentiments about life as a Dad so far. He's one of the good ones. Enjoy! 

What is your most memorable moment as a dad? I think my most memorable day would be the day Arrow, our first son was born. It was an absolutely chaotic day of hospital swaps and surgeries and all sorts of wild things, but long story short, it was me and him for basically the first three days of life and i had to be way stronger then i ever thought i was capable of to see him go into different surgeries and to relay information with confidence to my wife Lex that everything was going smooth. Heavy bonding moments with him, but such an amazing time where nothing else was occupying my mind except for him. 

What is your biggest hope for your kids? There's a whole list of things i hope for my kids, obviously i want them to be good people, and good parents and all those things, but I think i  really just hope that they find something they’re passionate about in life and chase that early on, whether thats a sport or a craft or a business idea, i just want them to be passionate and have drive to enjoy their life. 

What is your favorite thing to do with your kids? At times it can seem pretty insane to travel with two young kids, no sleep on the airplane, full blown tantrums in hotel rooms or poop explosions when you just sat down at a restaurant, But my absolute favorite thing is seeing my kids experience new places, new food and making memories with them. I do love our daily park and beach sessions but those start to blur together after a while, ill always remember our trips together. 

When did you know you were ready to be a dad?
The morning after Lex and I got married. We were riding the elevator down from our hotel and I remember saying, “I can’t wait to be a dad.” We waited nearly 3 years, but I knew i was ready then.

How did you name your kids?
Both of our kids were named after songs. Arrow is from Harry Nilsson’s song, Me and My Arrow, which was also the theme song for a cartoon from the 70’s that i loved growing up, called The Point. Then Louie was named after The Kingsmen song from the 60s called Louie Louie. 

Any advice for a new dad? Or any advice you received when becoming a new dad that stuck with you? 
Something i was told when i first had kids was to make sure that they always know that you love them and that you’re in their corner always. They’ll always know that you have their back no matter what happens and that you trust them. Hopefully that keeps them in check when they want to get a little loose on ya. 

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $ 100 away from free shipping.
No more products available for purchase