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We wanted to kick off Fathers Day week by sharing some of our very favorite Dads to follow online. We started by asking Max Wanger of Max Wanger Print Shop 10 questions about fatherhood and loved his sweet, heartfelt responses. Thanks Max! 

All photos by Nicki Sebastian

  1. What is your most memorable moment as a dad? My kids are still really young (5 and 1). Right now, there really isn't just one that stands out. This is going to sound borderline cheesy, but almost every day there is something memorable that happens where I either mentally take note or actually write it down because it's so awesome. Yesterday I got home and Rocket (our little girl who just started walking) saw me, got up and stumbled over to me with the biggest smile. That immediately got added to my memorable list. 
  2. Describe your perfect father’s day.  French toast for breakfast. A trip to the farmer's market. Picnic in our front yard with our farmer's market haul. Lazy afternoon. Early dinner. Actually getting to watch something on TV. Restful sleep. 
  3. Do you have any traditions passed down from your father that you’ve carried to your life? 

    Actually, Dash is at the perfect age for me to start doing something my dad did every night, before bed, with me as a kid. He would say, "Have a wonderful sleep in your bed, a wonderful dream in your head, I love you very much and I'll see you tomorrow." I would fill in the words, "bed" "head" "very much" and "tomorrow" and it became a ritual that I cherished. 

  4. What do your kids get away with when moms not around? I tend to take a little (or a lot) more time cleaning up when Margaux isn't around. I let the kids be messy and it may or may not look like a tornado went through our house at the end of the day. But I swear I always get around to the cleanup! 
  5. What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?  Travel. It might also be the hardest thing, but it's worth it. The memories you make, the things they're exposed to, it's priceless. We just got back from Japan and while I won't miss the long airplane rides, I'll always be thankful that we got to spend time as a family and share our experience together.
  6. Any advice for a new dad? Or any advice you received when becoming a new dad that stuck with you? 

    Stay present. It's easy to fast forward. There are times you just want your kid to be 3 or 4 years old so you can converse and play catch in the yard. But enjoy the early days, quite literally. It's the hardest job you'll ever have, and the days will feel long. But before you know it, weeks and months will pass and you'll wonder what happened. The more you can stay present, the more you can really savor how special it is to be a dad. 

  7. What is your biggest hope for your kids? That they are kind, compassionate, curious, loving, truthful human beings. And that they find happiness in love and life.
  8. How did you name your kids? We had a really hard time with boys names. Margaux has always loved the name Dashiel and I thought it would be cool and different to call him Dash. So it was a compromise. His full name is Dashiel, but we call him Dash. Quincy, our little girl, was inspired by another couple who had a daughter by that name. Margaux was super keen on the name Quinn and I liked that Quincy was a little more unique. What's funny is that we mostly call her Rocket, which is the name Dash gave her when Margaux was pregnant. 
  9. What do your kids do that make you the proudest?  Well, Rocket just started walking. That was a pretty proud moment. Watching how sweet and loving Dash is with his sister makes me super proud. Granted, it wasn't like that in the very beginning, but now, seeing the two of them laugh and interact with each other, it's the greatest. 
  10. Whats one thing you said you would never do as a dad, that you do? Rocket is still too little, but with Dash, it's the iPad. I always thought I'd be one of those parents who wouldn't let their kids look at an iPad. It's so easy to judge when you don't have kids. But you have to survive. And we travel so much. It's his special treat on an airplane. Maybe that's why he loves traveling so much!

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $ 100 away from free shipping.
No more products available for purchase