"I am sitting down editing pictures that I took of Sofia for her upcoming birthday this weekend. When deciding on an outfit, the choice was so clear. I know you get this all the time, but truly, you've created a dress that will forever be linked to my memories of my little girl. She twirls, climbs trees, rides her bike, and fills our home and lives with love in your dresses. When I send her off to college someday and close my eyes to ask myself, "Where did my little girl go?" I will always imagine her being that little girl, my little girl, in her "twirly dresses." ❤️ -@karimjones


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  • Hi there! I love the way that you guys document your sweet family. Would you consider devoting a post to how to create those minute videos with music, what tools you use (phone/camera/lens/filters/etc) and resources to become a better home photographer? I would love to see/read something like that so we can do the same! ❤️

    Bethany Weise on

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