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HIGH FIVE // @bekahrussom

Today on the blog we have Bekah Russom! Bekah has been a long time customer and always has the most beautiful photos and words about her life on the sweetest little farm. (Dream life, right?) We've been wanting to have her here since we first started High 5 and she did not disappoint. Thanks for being here, Bekah! 
1. We'd love a little introduction to you and your life on the farm. 

Hi! my name is Bekah. My husband and I have been married for 8 going on 9 years. We have 4 beautiful children Lennon (7) Ellington (5) June (3) + Everly Scout (1) we like to play farmers out on our land in Leipers fork, TN. We have a horse + cow…a bunch of chickens + a couple of ducks + bunnies + the typical cats and dogs! Weird story…my mom and I were actually pregnant twice together…yes, you read that right, TWICE I was pregnant with my mom! We are all really close and the uncles and nephews (more like cousins or brothers or something) get along so well. They are each others best friends,so when the opportunity arose to move onto this land that had two houses already built we all jumped on it and now live on one happy compound together. The houses needed a lot of work…I mean a lot. But my husband and dad are both very handy and have great vision for these types of things so now we are 2 years in and a huge transformation later and LOVE it. I couldn’t imagine ever going back. It isn’t without it’s stresses. We are in a pretty small house and have been in battles with our city septic department FOREVER to get final permits to start an addition….fingers crossed we will get to break ground this summer! We also have more times that we would like with water outages because while they have been clearing land or building decks or plowing new driveways, water lines have been hit leaving us insanely backed up on dishes and laundry for days upon days!! You mamas know how awful that can feel! My favorite thing about living out in the sticks is the pace of life. I feel like I can breath deeply and rest in the beauty of God’s creations watching my kids get filthy + feed the animals, gather eggs, shovel cow patties, and run free. I hope and pray that we are instilling a strong work ethic in our kiddos out here. It isn’t for the faint of heart…lots of animals means lots of work and lots of land means lots to maintain…my husband and I were just talking this morning how it is a total family affair out here and even June our three year old knows how to put in her own kind of work picking up sticks and feeding the bunnies or chickens. It truly isn’t all as romantic as it sounds…like anything it has its annoyances, but I couldn’t ever put into words how thankful we are to be able to raise our children out here on this beautiful farm.



2. Talk to us about New Year’s resolutions! Are you a fan? If so, how do you keep them? 

I have NEVER been big on new years resolutions. Like most people I would make one + stick with it for a couple of months then stop and then feel guilty and then avoid whatever it was all together because it reminded me of how I failed and then I would feel guilty again…I’m kind of a freak like that. Im working on it :) however this year I made one…one that I feel excited about keeping…I have made it my resolution to sit and enjoy a simple thing about each of my kids each day….to remind myself that the dirt and laundry can wait but these little people won’t always be little people showing me their Minecraft creations or play dough dresses they made for peppa pig forever. Motherhood is seriously not for the faint of heart + stepping back and remembering the bigger picture and soaking in their little selves sometimes is just what I need to keep going.



3. As a mom of 4, I’m sure your life is BUSY! What is your best tip for keeping motherhood simple? Or making things a little easier on yourself?

One of the best things about raising my babies as my mom is still raising her babies is having this first hand example that the littles do grow up and not to take ourselves too seriously. Laugh at the messes (I am not awesome at this) and savor their quirky little selves. My parents have been amazing examples of letting your kids explore + letting them make mistakes. I have found giving my kids the appropriate amount of responsibility in our home and on the farm is incredible. We have a ton of opportunities for this outside but inside our home too…. I let them empty the dishwasher and put the dishes away. I may have lost a couple plates over time to the ground, but they are contributing and its so good. I have them make their bed…it tends to look like a pillow factory exploded when they’re done, but THEY did it. Seriously my 5 year old offered to mop last night….he then asked for money afterwards, but baby steps!



4. What are some small steps someone can take towards leading a more holistic life? How did you start to implement this type of living into your family and lifestyle?

I find simple so beautiful.The feel of fresh dough, the sound of eggs frying in a cast iron skillet. Ah. it just does my heart so good. I don’t have a lot of space currently and I have paired down to the basics. I love cooking with cast iron and as weird as it sounds just seeing them sitting on my stove makes we want to cook. I told ya’ll I’m weird. I started a few years back cooking….a ton. There are a million of us out here on the farm (14 to be exact) and we eat huge meals together nearly nightly. I find cooking from scratch encourages me to feed my family fresh even more. and for whatever reason encourages us to get outside and be more active!



5. What is your current favorite product for you personally?

With lots of kiddos running around and my floors constantly covered in mud I find such peace with my worship music by Rend Collective playing and my Mulled Cider Candle by Tyler Candle Company burning and a fresh pot of coffee brewing!! Seriously….I go thru 2-3 of these candles a month…too good. Way too good. 

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