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Paris with the kids!

When we first posted about our planned trip to Paris with the girls on Instagram, we couldn't believe how many other customers chimed in saying they too had Summer plans to visit with their kids. We thought it'd be nice to compile all the kid-friendly suggestions we got and the places we visited and loved. Warning, this is a lot of photos and info, so unless you're actually visiting there (or you're my parents), I'd keep scrolling. ;) Another disclaimer, this was our first time there so we are no experts on Paris, if I missed anything noteworthy-- please mention it in the comments! 

Where to stay: We had the most luck finding something on Airbnb for our family. We were there for 10 days, so it was really important for us to have something with a little more space, a kitchen, and in a central area. We stayed in Le Marais and it ended up being perfect for us. It was charming, there was lots to do within walking distance, it was very close to the train, and it felt very safe. If you're not finding that perfect fit for your family on Airbnb, be sure to check out Kid & Coe as well, they have some really great options for traveling with kids. 

Kid-friendly sights to see: We feel like we didn't waste a minute while we were there, there's so much to do! If you're traveling without kids or your kids are older than ours (2, 4, and 7), then your list may look different, but hopefully you can cherry pick some items off our favorites list. 

Jardin du Luxembourg: We spent an entire day here and then actually went back again towards the end of our week! We walked around the grounds, watched the sailboats, fed the ducks, ate Nutella ice-cream, and the girls logged some serious hours on the huge playground there. We were surprised that the playground cost money to play on, but it ended up being the best money we spent the whole trip! We went here the first full day we were there and it was nice to get the travel-day wiggles out and make it feel a lot like home for the girls. Here they also offer pony rides and marionette shows, but make sure you check out their schedule before as they are closed some random days. Be sure to pack a picnic or count on lunch at their cafes, as you will want to spend all day here if you can!



Palace of Versailles: This was my all-time favorite day. I actually teared up upon walking in because it was so beautiful. The girls loved getting out in open spaces and just running around in clean open air and getting their wiggles out. We rented a golf cart so they wouldn't' wear their little legs out too much, and everyone had a blast. We went into the main palace but the girls enjoyed Marie Antoinette's quarters the most (surprise, surprise!). Be sure to pack a picnic or grab something at the cafe and plan on being there all day, it's huge! Also, they have little paddle boats you can rent which is so fun for the kids. This stop is a must-do for everyone in my book. 


Palais Royal: Our girls surprisingly loved it here, we spent a couple hours playing right here and it was a great place for our girls to run around and use their imaginations. After this we walked around the surrounding gardens, window shopped, and grabbed some crepes along the way.


Jardin du Tuileries: This was another breath of fresh air as our girls were able to run around, be loud, and enjoy being in wide open spaces. Everything was so breathtaking, and because we knew we were going to stop by the Louvre next-door after, we wanted to get their wiggles out. We didn't walk through the entire Louvre, but our girls enjoyed hanging out outside of it, playing in the fountain, and taking touristy photos. :) 


Paris Aquarium: Our girls enjoyed going here enough but it was surprisingly a very quick walk-through. It definitely wasn't our favorite aquarium we've ever visited, but it shot us out right next to the Eiffel Tower where we went and hung out on the grass, ate crepes (sensing a theme?), and watched the girls play after which was great. If we got do it over again we probably would have visited the National Museum of Natural History instead of the Aquarium. Next time! ;) 


Centre Pompidou: We were very intimidated by the long line getting in, but it was moving quick and it was worth it! This place is massive so I wouldn't count on getting through everything if you have kids in tow, but there is an entire level for kids so know that both you and your kids will have fun here. We spent lots of time playing in their children's exhibit, and then dragged the kids along to the modern art section for us afterward. When they were spent, there were beautiful views, a little water feature outside that held their attention for a while, and of course a really great gift shop at the end. 

Other very kid-friendly days out would be Jardin d'Acclimatation, the zoo, this science museum, family-friendly bike tours, and if you're feeling up for it, Disneyland. Geoff twisted my arm into going because entrance is much cheaper, there are no crowds, and there was no line longer than 15 minutes. The girls had a lot of fun because we totally surprised them, but now I fear I'll never be able to go back to Disneyland in Anaheim! :) One other thing the girls loved was those touristy boat rides down the Seine. It was a good quick way to see a lot without having to walk or train ride all over. We did this right after stepping off the airplane and it was a relaxing way to overcome jet lag when it was 2:00 am our time! :) 



Monoprix - There's one on every corner it seems and it's basically Frances version of a small Target. They've got a bakery, groceries, home goods, and cute affordable clothing for kids. We went there every day for one reason or another its seems. 

Bonton - Really hip kids clothing, shoes, and a whole basement level full of the cutest toys + gifts. You're not going to be able to leave empty handed but at least you can count on really adorable souvenirs. (Also there's a Photo Booth in there with crazy wigs and props my girls enjoyed playing + taking pictures in, win-win!)



Merci - This is probably more for Mom + Dad, but it's a beautiful store worth checking out! Really awesome home goods and furniture, vintage pieces, and the most picturesque restaurant lined with books attached to the storefront. 



With one of our girls being very picky, we had to keep our eyes peeled for American choices whenever we WEREN'T eating crepes or pain au chocolats. ;) If you have picky eaters as well, know that you can find Chipotle's, Five Guys, and and a place called Breakfast in America if you get in a pinch with starving kids. Otherwise, with how long we were there we tried to cook and eat at home as much as possible which was really nice. Some cafe and bakery suggestions I received from an incredibly helpful Paris customer below: 

Mokonuts Bakery

Une glace a Paris icecream

Cafe Pinson

Du Pain et des Idees


And that's a wrap! We had so much fun and it was such a memorable trip. I loved getting out of our comfort zones and exploring somewhere brand new with the girls. Getting them all to ourselves and removing them from our normal routine, friends, and toys at home was priceless. We loved you Paris, thanks for starting our Summer off on the right foot! (And if you want to see a loooooong video I initially made just for the girls, enjoy! Just a grab a snack first.) 




We are heading to Paris with our young girls next year and looking for an airbnb. Do you mind sharing the one you rented? Thank you!


Thank you for your suggestions! We are going in oct with our three kids and I’m way excited but also nervous! It’ll be our first time bringing the kids out of the country . :) Did you use public transport the whole time? Transportation is my biggest worry. Especially since last time I was pick pocketed twice on trains. ? Thanks again!


Stacie – where are your adorable sandals from? Oh, and your white blouse? Thanks!

Stacie Lang

Thanks Deborah! We actually felt totally safe the entire time we were there. The backpack was just because we were looting around a big camera, our bulky baby wrap, and a ton of snacks and water for the girls. :) I guess it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe about your belongings but I never felt too paranoid! :) Have so much fun!


How fun! My husband and I eloped in Paris a few years ago and our daughters are dying to go! These tips are so great! Thank you!

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