"From the time Lundin was 3 months old, we knew something was different about her. She didn’t babble, she barely even cooed. Everyone complimented us that she was “such a good baby” because she was so quiet. At merely 8 months old, she was already climbing and jumping off the furniture while other babies her age were just learning to get their balance! They were also learning all these fun, new words while Lundin was still silent. By 2 years old, it became apparent that she wasn’t reaching milestones at the same pace as her peers - I knew it was time to have her evaluated. The results of her first evaluation only showed her a little behind and in no need of other services. I knew there was more to this and I had to be an advocate for her. I had to be the voice for my child who didn’t have a voice of her own and I would fight for the both of us to be heard!

At 2 years and 8 months - Lundin was still nonverbal so she began speech and occupational therapy. Shortly following this, she was diagnosed with Autism. When we received her diagnosis, we were able to enroll her in a special needs preschool. With all her services finally in place, she flourished! Soaring over one milestone after the next. Then one night, during our bedtime routine - our sweet, quiet girl said “Goodnight teddy, sleep tight!” We cried tears of joy and proclaimed our little girl’s future! I knew at that moment - there was no obstacle she couldn’t overcome! 

Currently she can read, speaks in full sentences and has been able to maintain lasting friendships. Her journey may be harder than others, but she was born for greatness. We will never stop fighting! 

Lundin will be entering kindergarten this August we've received the best news ever: she will continue her therapy but she will no longer be in a contained class! Her teachers and therapist say she is the perfect example of how early intervention can make a huge impact. We will always be huge advocates for early intervention. Trust your gut and never give up!" -Janell Brow

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us, Janell! As someone who has had the pleasure of meeting little Lundin, I can vouch that she most certainly is destined for greatness. She is such a light and has the sweetest Mom + Dad cheering her on. Thank you, Browns! XX

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  • Lundin’s story is truly an amazing one ❤️ Her progress is due to the dedication and unwavering spirit of her mother and father. Janell has always been an amazing mom and an amazing friend. I’ve learned so much from her over our years of friendship I can only imagine how much Lundin is going to learn in her lifetime! Lundin happily expresses herself in ways not many kids can. It’s been exciting watching her grow and impact the lives of others ❤️ I can’t wait to see her future growth and her impact on the world!

    Nicole on

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story! It’s VERY inspiring and you’re an amazing mom for advocating for her! I aspire to be like you soon my friend!!

    Jamie Honeybee on

  • Lundin is an inspiration! She is beautiful inside and out just like her Mom. Janell is an amazing mother who advocates for her child, daily. Lundin has impacted so many lives and will continue to do so. I bought this dress on release day to support her and A&A. I will continue to be a supporter of this company.

    Jennifer on

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