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Hi everyone! I’m Danielle. Mother, biology student, traveler, and lover of all things wild. I often travel with my two daughters who are 5 and 2 years old and we enjoy chronicling our journey along the way. For the past few weeks I’ve contemplated how to write the perfect blog post about how I make traveling with two small children easy peasy. I’ve sat here thinking of tips and tricks I could offer…pack extra snacks, pile on sun screen, and a portable DVD player is your best friend. But as moms you already know all that, and I think if...
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Paris with the kids!

13 comments | Posted by Stacie Lang on
When we first posted about our planned trip to Paris with the girls on Instagram, we couldn't believe how many other customers chimed in saying they too had Summer plans to visit with their kids. We thought it'd be nice to compile all the kid-friendly suggestions we got and the places we visited and loved. Warning, this is a lot of photos and info, so unless you're actually visiting there (or you're my parents), I'd keep scrolling. ;) Another disclaimer, this was our first time there so we are no experts on Paris, if I missed anything noteworthy-- please mention it in the comments!  Where to...
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