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Valentine's Craft Ideas For Your Little Artist

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away...Raise your hand if your little one already has a paper chain count down to February 14th made. Come on, we know we're not the only ones whose kids feel...

Alice + Ames Halloween / Madeline

It's Madeline! If this is the costume for your little lady, look no further. This one is all about the right accessories, but still so simple. Just start with a Navy Ballet Dress and go from there....

Alice + Ames Halloween / Cat

Still looking for the purr-fect Halloween costume? Look no further. Pair a Black or Ink Dot Leo with these easy feline accessories and she'll be looking like one cool cat come the 31st. 

Alice + Ames Halloween / Witch

Which kind of Witch are you? Either way, build your costume off of our Black Leo so you can wear it again! (Give or take the pointy hat!) Accessories found here: Hat / Broom / Tights

Alice + Ames Halloween / Cow

Moooo-ve over, there's a new little cow in town just in time for some halloween fun. Pair our Ink Dot Leo with this easy cow kit (thank you Amazon!), and she's set. Udderly adorable. 

Alice + Ames Halloween / Morton Salt Girl

Who knew The Salt Girl could look so sweet? Keep it classic with a Sunflower Ballet dress, and unlike most Halloween costumes, love and wear it for the rest of the year. Accessories found here: Umb...

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